Machines 06/16/2021

Use Case: Why Di Napoli produces almost exclusively with Bäumer machines

The quality is just unbeatable. These machines ensure our foam production processes run as smoothly as possible. The controls are so easy to operate: If we receive any special requests then we can customize the contour cutting machine ourselves with virtually no effort. This is incredibly important for individual production processes and allows us to take on bespoke customer requests.

Bäumer machines fascinate me. I started out with Di Napoli in the eighties and we have been working almost exclusively with Bäumer machines ever since.

Kadir Ertekin, Production manager

A new employee can get to grips with the machinery within just three days, no problem at all.

We cut around 200 mattresses every day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Our hall doesn’t offer endless storage facilities: We have to process the foam blocks quickly and can’t afford and machine downtimes, as that would cost me at least five hours. If ever a problem arises, I simply call the hotline and usually speak to Thomas Münker, who has never once let me down.

We once had a situation where a foam block fell onto the hold-down device from above. We headed over to Bäumer and were able to pick up the spare part we needed right then and there. I also have the option to have spare parts delivered via UPS within 2–3 days, or even the next day if it’s really urgent. With other European manufacturers, I would have to wait at least four days. I only recall one incorrect spare part being delivered in 30 years, which was when the slide plate for the push rod in the knife turning device didn’t quite fit.

We have had an excellent experience with the original Bäumer cutting tools: they are just so resilient and accurate. I always keep a couple of spare knives and the most essential spare parts in stock.

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