News 02/22/2021

Christoph Hauck hopes to inspire solidarity

“For us, the circus is a culture that must be preserved by all means”

The colorful wagons and tents usually only adorn the meadows of Freudenberg during the winter months: every year, the Trumpf Circus spends the winter above Bethesda Hospital and delights the little ones in particular with its traditional “Christmas Circus”.
But for almost a year now, neither artists nor animals have been able to leave the intermediate station here in the Siegerland. Just like other artists and performers, Rebecca Trumpf and her team have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. “In the 300-year history of our family circus, we have never faced such a challenge. We're getting to the end of our rope.”

No shows – no income. But the running costs remain: Animal feed must still be bought; taxes and repairs must be paid continually. 

The well-being of others is close to our hearts!

Christoph Hauck, Managing Director of Albrecht Bäumer GmbH, paid a visit to the circus last weekend. As a representative of the Freudenberg-based company, supporting the Trumpf family and the circus as an institution is important to him: “As a company barely touched by the pandemic, we are committed to helping those who are currently falling through the social safety net.”

Hauck hopes to provide an incentive with a generous donation of concentrated feed, hay bales and vegetables for the four-legged members of the circus: “I hope that perhaps other people from Freudenberg and from the Siegerland region will join in and support the Trumpf family or others in need.” Christoph Hauck hopes to inspire solidarity. In the current times, solidarity can also be expressed in everyone's immediate environment – and even through small, supportive gestures.

When and under which conditions the performances in the circus tent will be able to take place again still remains to be seen. “We really miss the arena and the lights,” says Rebecca Trumpf, “but we don't want to give up. The circus is in our blood, and for us it's a culture that must be preserved by all means.” In recent weeks, the family, which is waiting in the Euelsbruchstrasse to receive assessments regarding the restart of their tour, has already received support from many neighbors: “To all of these people, our heartfelt thanks. We were also very happy about the donation from Bäumer, we can really use that.”

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