Our vision, our mission

Our vision of the future is the goal that we want to achieve together. Our innovativeness and individualization competence make us leading suppliers in our field. We keep our eyes open for new opportunities, grow with a sense of proportion, and assure our success for a sustainable future.

Our mission is the reason for our daily commitment to fulfilling our vision.

What Bäumer offers

Looking for the right machine for your needs?

Bäumer offers a wide range of individual machines that meet your specific requirements. Explore our foam cutting machines to find the right solution for your needs.


Find out how your processes can benefit from Bäumer.

Process optimization with the right software: With our software solutions, we provide you with the tools that enable you to react quickly to the day-to-day demands of the market.


Customized services for unique processes.

The many different people, machines and processes in a company do not fit into any general scheme. Discover our solutions for a wide range of different needs.