Discontinuation – what now?

A discontinuation means that you can no longer purchase a certain machine part. When the life cycle of a part ends, it is no longer produced as a spare part. Even Bäumer as a machine manufacturer then no longer has access to the old machine parts.


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You know how it is ...

... as a producer in the demanding age of digitalization, your machinery must constantly be adapted to the latest technology. This is the only way to ensure long-term future security and production reliability and to avoid machine failures. Baumer offers a simple and quick solution to protect your contour cutting machine from such failures.

With our retrofits, your old OFS machine is equipped with the technical features of a new machine. Thanks to rapid commissioning, you will hardly be affected by time losses.



Fully assured spare parts availability




Minimization of machine stoppages and downtimes




Smart, intuitive usability with a new look and feel




Access to machine data




Up-to-date operating system creates data interfaces and increases IT security




Costs saved in comparison to the purchase of a new machine




Our contour cutting machines have a long history and have been delivered with many different control systems over the past decades.

Bosch Alpha

The Bosch Alpha control was the first machine control for Baumer’s OFS machines. It was installed between the years 1985 and 1987 and subsequently replaced by the CC100/120 model from the same manufacturer.

Bosch CC100/120

The Bosch CC100/120 control system was delivered in our OFS-201, OFS-202 and OFS-212 between 1987 and 1993.


Starting in 1993, PMAC controls were installed in our contour cutting machines changed to PMAC. This control system was installed in the HFC-CNC, OFS-HE, OFS-221, OFS-222, OFS-VE, OFS-VEQ and OFS-VT machines.


The PNC55 control is probably the longest-lasting control unit Baumer has used for its contour cutting machines. It was installed in all OFS machines for a full 15 years, from 2001 up to and including 2015.


With the B-Flex control (Eckelmann EXC88) we have arrived in the modern age of control technology. This control system has been in use since 2015 (with Windows 10 since 2020) and provides our customers with reliable performances both in new and retrofitted machines.

Which discontinuation affects me?

The chronological sequence and exact life cycles of the machine controls can be found here at a glance. This graphic can help you identify possible retrofit solutions for your machines.

Online retrofit configuration

From partial conversions to complete rebuilds: We bring your machine up to date. Discover the entire retrofit product portfolio and request your retrofit online via our Retrofit Finder.

Webinar: A new lease on life for your machine

Learn all about the various retrofit options, benefits and risks in this video. Stephan Christ and Deniz Aydin will take you on a customer visit and show you the retrofit journey from order entry to the actual conversion of the machine.

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Future security and production reliability from a single source

As an OEM, we are the optimal partner for upgrading your contour cutting machine. Why is that?

No one knows you like we do

Our detailed documentation of your machine and service history guarantees a smooth cooperation process.



With us, you know what you get

The consistent user guidance means that there is no need for your employees to get acclimatized or specially trained. You can get started right away!



We will be happy to advise you!

Your machine control is older than 10 years and has already been technologically replaced by a successor model? Then you should think about a conversion. We are available at any time to answer your questions about impending discontinuations and possible retrofit measures.

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More about retrofits

Our retrofitting solutions bring your machines back up to date and make your systems even more efficient. The investment pays off quickly because retrofits increase the productivity and operational reliability of your machine. Invest in the future!

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