WinCAP – Intelligent creation of cutting programs

Quickly and easily create cutting programs for CNC contour cutting machines. In conjunction with the optional nesting software, WinCAP fulfills all criteria to meet the latest demands of modern foam processing.



Baeumer employee screen shows WinCAP
Baeumer employee screen shows WinCAP

Automated creation of cutting programs

The development and creation of the cutting programs has been automated as far as possible. However, the user still has the option of incorporating individual features at any time. WinCAP convinces with a particularly user-friendly design for generating cutting jobs, nesting contour parts and creating cutting paths.



With a ribbon based on Office, preview windows for cutting programs and contours, autosave and many other convenient features.


Different user rights

You can assign different user rights to different users or user groups.


Generating cutting jobs

There are multiple options for creating the contour parts in the WinCAP parts menu, with some additional functions such as template creation or the creation of piece counter or block programs.



The nesting can be performed manually or even automatically, using Baumer Nest as an add-on tool. With manual nesting, all contour parts can comfortably be positioned manually. With the automatic nesting software Bäumer Nest you minimize cutting passes, increase efficiency and save material.


Creating cutting paths

After the nesting process, the cutting paths are created automatically or manually. With the simulator, the knife’s cutting path is traced on the screen. The cutting path is of decisive importance both for the cutting quality and the needed cutting time. Knife turning points, feed motion, stop points etc. are displayed on the screen in real time.


Contour creation made easy with WinCAP

Get a first impression of the usability-focused interface of WinCAP 3. Benefit from preview windows for cutting programs and contours, simplified function calls and hotkeys, toolboxes in the drawing editor as well as numerous import and export functions. WinCAP3 has multibyte character sets, which makes translations of the interface into various languages possible. Through regular updates, we always keep your WinCAP up to date.

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