Nesting software

Get the most out of your foam block: The intelligent nesting solutions ensure optimal material utilization, minimal cutting times and convenient, fast processes. Customized applications for mattresses, packaging or cuboids save time and money.


Optimal material utilization with the help of nesting software

For an optimal cut with low material consumption and the best possible material utilization, the parts to be cut must be precisely analyzed and arranged. The suitable nesting software, whether for contour parts, mattresses or rectangular blocks, provides the appropriate nesting plan.

Bäumer Cube

Bäumer Cube 3D nests variously sized rectangular blocks from many different orders and provides the operator with the optimal workflow.


Bäumer Mattress Nest

With Bäumer Mattress Nest you can nest an entire day’s production of mattresses fully automatically. The special nesting algorithm ensures optimal material utilization.


Bäumer Nest

In conjunction with WinCAP, Bäumer Nest nests contour parts for a given block dimension. This guarantees a higher throughput and lowers the waste rate.


The advantages of nesting software



Cost savings

Reduced waste rate and optimal material utilization thanks to intelligent nesting.


Increased throughput

Fully automated nesting delivers significant time savings, increasing throughput.


Fully automated daily production

Bäumer Mattress Nest fully automatically nests an entire day’s mattress production.


Optimal workflow

Bäumer Cube for cuboid nesting provides the operator with an optimal workflow.


Time savings

Fast, predictive planning with a special nesting algorithm.


Constant quality

Exclusion of error sources that can occur in manual nesting.


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The Digitalization of Foam Production

You are facing the decision to digitalize your production now or in the near future, but do not know exactly how to do it yet? With our new and exclusive guide “The Digitalization of Foam Production” you will not only get an overview on the topic, but also support on your way to a networked and automated production:


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