Cutting lines for your foam production

Nowadays, a successful production plant is fully automated. Shuttles move the foam, lifting systems take care of the tiresome loading and unloading. From the block storage to the removal of goods, the foam industry 4.0 is intelligently planned out. Automating your foam processing helps you achieve a higher production capacity, better throughput times and consistently high quality. Bäumer supports you with a selection of pre-assembled cutting lines and individual offers.


Cutting lines designed to meet your requirements

With a cutting line, you benefit from the following advantages:


Error reduction

Thanks to the intelligent networking of the machines and the automatic transport, you minimize your error rate and produce at a consistently high quality.


Time savings

During each cutting operation with a cutting line, you save time on loading and unloading your machine as well as on reloading the material.


Production capacity

With the huge time savings, you can easily increase your ROI and make more production cuts in less time.


Cutting line BSL-214 + OFS-VS

Cutting center consisting of the horizontal splitting machine BSL-214 and the vertical contour cutting machine OFS-VS for the automatic cutting of blocks into sheets and of sheets into contours, without manual intervention.

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Cutting line OFS-HE3 + OFS-VS

Cutting center consisting of the horizontal contour cutting machine OFS-HE3, a height-adjustable take-off conveyor and the vertical contour cutting machine OFS-VS.

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Custom cutting lines

We will be happy to design a cutting line that is tailored to the requirements and needs of your production. Schedule a consultation with our sales team and find out what’s possible.


Foam industry 4.0

The world of foam processing offers endless possibilities. And so does Baumer! Find out which software can simplify and at the same time improve your production.


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What Bäumer offers

Looking for the right machine for your needs?

Bäumer offers a wide range of individual machines that meet your specific requirements. Explore our foam cutting machines to find the right solution for your needs.


Find out how your processes can benefit from Bäumer.

Process optimization with the right software: With our software solutions, we provide you with the tools that enable you to react quickly to the day-to-day demands of the market.


Customized services for unique processes.

The many different people, machines and processes in a company do not fit into any general scheme. Discover our solutions for a wide range of different needs.