Overview of cutting tool types

Whether you are looking for a band saw, a cutting wire or a band knife: With us, you will find what you need. Get a quick and easy overview of our different types of tools for cutting and sawing foam.


The right cutting tool for any material and any foam cutting machine

When it comes to the right cutting tool for your machine, you should choose with great care. Different materials pose different requirements. You can only achieve the perfect cut with customized cutting tools. In our Technology Center, we permanently investigate and optimize the perfect interaction of cutting tool, material and foam cutting machine. Benefit from our experience and knowledge.



Band saws

A band saw is used for materials which are so inflexible that they cannot be divided by cutting. Material must be removed for processing; this is referred to as a machining separation procedure. Band saws are mainly used for processing hard and heavy foam. With a band saw you can cut through almost any material, be it rigid polyurethane foam, PVC foams, PET, rubber, rubber compound, polystyrene, EPS, EPP, semi-rigid ester or phenolic foam.


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Contour knives

Contour knives are used in oscillating mode or in circulating mode. You can choose between a toothed and a ground knife.
The teeth of a contour knife are not set, unlike those of a saw. Therefore, almost no dust is produced and the cut is highly efficient. Toothed contour knives cut more aggressively than ground contour knives. Typically, contour knives are used to cut soft or technical materials, but some are also suitable for rigid foam or cork.



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Ground band knives

Ground band knives are used on all machines for processing soft PU foam, cold foam, visco foam etc., i.e., all easily splittable and highly flexible materials. They are available with a cutting edge on one side or on both sides. Harder materials can only be cut by knives ground on one side, as they must be guided through a knife bar or knife bandage. Ground band knives of greater width are used on horizontal splitting machines.


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Toothed band knives

Contours are usually cut with toothed knives. Ground contour knives are only used in exceptional cases, for example for the vertical contour cutting of materials such as fleece, fabric or other fiber material. Toothed knives do not need to be resharpened. They are already sharpened with high precision at Bäumer so they can be used immediately on delivery. High-precision manufacturing and good sharpening guarantee a minimum of scrap and deviations.


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Cutting wires

Cutting wires are used for cutting rigid foams, PE, PET and sometimes also flexible foams. They have a diameter of 1-1.8 mm. The thinner the wire and the lighter the material, the less dust is produced, with good cutting results. Each wire consists of different windings: base, main and cover winding. Coarse wire is used for rigid and rebond foams. Here, the base winding consists of many individual wires, and the main and cover windings are highly structured.



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Cutting tools for another manufacturer’s machine?

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