The first Manufacturing Execution System for the foam industry

With SOPHIE, Bäumer offers for the first time a manufacturing execution system (MES) which has been specially developed for the foam processing industry.

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SOPHIE – Wisdom that works The first intelligent and self-learning MES for the foam industry

Realize a fully digitalized foam production with our manufacturing execution system SOPHIE: Thanks to a fully networked production, you benefit from sustainable production and process optimizations. Avoid downtimes, minimize errors, speed up processes, reduce costs and increase your productivity. SOPHIE helps your company to be more competitive and makes you fit for the future.

Optimal material utilization

...through full transparency on the entire stock (tanks, long & short blocks, residual blocks)


Reduced curing time

...through real-time monitoring and automatic shifting of blocks


Complete traceability

...from the finished goods to the respective machine runs


Reduction of manual process steps

...through automatic, operator-independent processing, from the order to the finished cut


Scrap reduction and quality improvement

...through ideal setting of the foaming unit, optimal trimming and ideal nesting


Automatic checks of quality and dimensions

...for further processing and inbound/outbound logistics

SOPHIE – Modules and database

It is the interplay of all modules that reveals Sophie’s true strength the comprehensive networking of the entire production.


The database SOPHIEdata is SOPHIE’s heart.


SOPHIEconnect is the basis upon which the different systems communicate with each other.


SOPHIEproduce automates the whole production chain and controls the entire production hall.


SOPHIEinventory provides a comprehensive inventory of the tank storage, curing racks, crane storage, short block storage and glue drying racks.


SOPHIEprepare plans process steps in advance.


With the module SOPHIEmeasure, the measuring of long and short blocks, sheets and finished mattresses becomes very easy.


The module SOPHIEidentify makes every individual production step accurately traceable, both during production and afterwards.


This intelligent module provides data which enables predictive planning of the various production steps.


SOPHIEaccess creates a gateway into the world of data analysis and production improvement.

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SOPHIE does not work alone. Bäumer offers many other solutions that can optimize your production together with SOPHIE.

  • TrueScan

    With Bäumer’s TrueScan, the 3-D measuring of long and short blocks, sheets and finished mattresses becomes very easy. To this end, smart 3-D block measurement devices are placed at various points of the production.

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  • Bäumer Nest

    A system for the automatic nesting and optimization of blocks as well as the automation of complicated nesting processes.

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  • Quick Select

    A software for quick and easy order picking on vertical contour cutting machines. All parts of the executed cutting program are displayed on a screen, including their name and location, and are allocated to their respective consignments. Labels printed by the system can then be stuck onto the contour part.

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  • WinCAP

    A programming software for the quick, easy and largely automated creation of cutting programs for CNC contour cutting machines.

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  • Bäumer Cube

    System for 3-D nesting of cuboids on vertical cutting machines.

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  • Mattress Nest

    A software for true-to-quantity and fully automated nesting on foam cutting plants. A special nesting algorithm ensures optimal material utilization when cutting short and long blocks. Mattress Nest creates cutting programs for untrimmed blocks on horizontal contour cutting machines.

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