News 08/21/2023

New horizons for Bäumer: Baumer of Poland

On 22 and 23 August 2023, a significant milestone in the history of Albrecht Bäumer was reached when the subsidiary "Baumer of Poland" was officially opened. This new subsidiary is located in Oborniki, Poland, and marks an important step in the company's international expansion.

Bäumer, as the world's leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the foam industry, has been steadily expanding its presence on an international level. The decision to establish "Baumer of Poland" was made due to the growing demand for innovative foam solutions on the Polish market. Poland has the highest density of PU factories and is by far the number one foam producer in Europe. Many players in the foam-processing industry there work with machines and systems from Bäumer. In addition, the Polish market is our third-largest sales market after the USA and Germany.

The grand opening event took place in the presence of various representatives of the Albrecht Bäumer company. The guests were warmly welcomed by Christoph Hauck, Adrian Dudzinski and other representatives of the company. In his speech, Mr. Hauck emphasised the importance of this new branch and the long-term vision of Albrecht Bäumer with regard to the Polish market.

The event was accompanied by several machine demonstrations, lectures and tours through the halls to give the guests an insight into the state-of-the-art technology and service capacities of "Baumer of Poland".

"Baumer of Poland" will offer a wide range of services for the foam industry. The subsidiary aims to become an important partner for companies in the region and beyond that require foam solutions.

Albrecht Bäumer's long-term vision for "Baumer of Poland" is to build a sustainable and successful presence in Poland while maintaining the values and quality standards for which the company is known worldwide.

The opening of "Baumer of Poland" marks a significant step in the history of Albrecht Bäumer and underlines the company's commitment to growth and innovation. We are confident that this new subsidiary will make a significant contribution to the development of the foam industry in Poland and look forward to a promising future.

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